Growing a vibrant economy does not require that we sacrifice our local values; they make us strong. San Rafael is not a fantastic community because we’ve been lucky; our City Council has been diligent in balancing our values with our economic health. We are an exceptional community because, in addition to our unwavering commitment to working families and excellent public education, we celebrate creative thinking, embrace diversity as strength, and keep our promise to protect the environment. These values make our city special, help our children develop the skills they need to succeed in a global market, and inspire many young people to return and begin their own families here. As a mother, I am proud that my daughter and son carry these are qualities with them into the world. I am tremendously grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to raise my family in this community, and now I feel it’s my responsibility to help ensure that the next generation has these same opportunities. As we move forward, it will take continued thoughtfulness, considered planning, and a willingness to listen to the entire community, in order to preserve the balance between meeting our current pressures, and protecting what’s precious about living here. While it may not always be easy, each decision must be be evaluated with a commitment to this balance. I look forward to serving you on the San Rafael City Council, and humbly ask for your trust, partnership, and vote. Thank you.