Public Safety

Maintaining excellent police and fire services for our residents is the most important function of City government. My first priority will be ensuring that our first responders have the training, equipment, and resources they need provide a safe community for San Rafael residents.

Economic Development

I will preserve and enhance San Rafael’s economic vitality by embarking on bold projects and providing efficient and reliable day-to-day community development services

“Homeless” or Street Community

We must offer rehabilitation services to those people who need and will accept the services, while at the same time, protect San Rafael’s businesses and families from those people who choose not to work towards rehabilitation.

Workforce Housing

The City should continue to require residential development proposals to integrate housing for all income levels.

Traffic and Circulation

We need to build partnerships with places that generate traffic, such as the schools; provide information and support services, such as parking for transit; prioritize and get to work on needed infrastructure improvements, and expand bicycle and pedestrian transportation options.