San Rafael slaps down lawyer who took on homeless-housing nuns

“Vice Mayor Maribeth Bushey said that as a single mother, she took Dolan’s opposition personally. She called his attempt to stop the project “utterly without merit” and said housing two families transitioning to permanent housing was “a valuable goal for our community.””

Marin IJ Editorial: Safety awareness needed for SMART ‘quiet zones’

“In the San Rafael City Council’s vote, Councilwoman Maribeth Bushey voted against starting an immediate quiet zone, instead advocating the city follow the PUC’s advice.

But Bushey’s recommendation has merit, and is founded on the state’s expertise and experience with this issue. Putting up with the horn for six months may be a prudent investment of discomfort, given the possibility that it could save lives.”

San Rafael convent housing plan gets green light from city

“I’m a single mother,” said Councilwoman Maribeth Bushey. “The only way I’ve been able to stay in Marin is through the help of others in the community and here on council.

“When I hear talk about ‘them’ (homeless people), I take it personally,” she said.”